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The Krakatoa Consortium in Earth year 2875, comprises the remnant of humanity.  We are all that is left, but for the aid of two allies, we would not be.  The Vulcans, who's observation and concern, rescued a small number of our ancestors, and the Myrmadon, who provided a place of refuge for them and us, when our home planets were lost.
In conjunction, our three societies have formed a Consortium, to rid the galaxy of the Borg, a society of cyborg enhanced creatures who stop at nothing to achieve perfection.
These creatures have proliferated the galaxy by using temporal incursions to dominate and assimilate Federation members before they have achieved the technology to defend themselves.
It is only now that we have achieved a way to travel in time that will not damage the integrity of the timeline, and we have designated Earth, in the year, 1995, to begin our assault on these invaders.

With the discovery of Unobtrusive Time Travel, we were able to transfer data to the 20th century.  We cannot physically travel except as holograms, so, unfortunately, direct communication was not possible and some data was lost during transmission, including instructions on how to open the briefcase that contained the information.

Soon, the obstacle was eliminated, replaced by another.... The Borg's first attempt to destroy the progenitors of the Federation. 

Two asteroids bound for Earth, were sent by the Borg...


... to destroy the future Federation.

In 2025, the Federation began making headway in the war

These annals are being decrypted at this time.  It's a slow process, even for 29th century technology, after all, it's a 31st century Vulcan encryption algorithm we're struggling with, so we'll get it here as soon as we can.

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