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The Krakatoa Consortium

Earth Year:  2875

We, the Consortium, are dedicated to preserving this, the original timeline, against all incursions capable of undermining the integrity of this chronology.

Consortium Annals and Synopsis


Season 1

After receiving a mysterious briefcase containing  advanced technological information, it becomes evident to a man with the unfortunate name of Ted Bundy, a conspiracy of extraterrestrial nature plots to destroy the Earth.  The perpetrators of this plot is the surprising part... The Borg from Star Trek?  It takes an accident on the deep sea dive of his friend's daughter, to promulgate this cabal's intent.  And, how do you fight the them with 21st century tech?  Check the briefcase, but it's not going to be easy. 

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Season 2

Now as Starfleet fights a losing battle on Earth and the Temporal Integrity Commission seemly wiped from time, the Borg continue to methodically assimilate the last bastion of human existence, the U.S.

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Season 3

Retreat is eminent.  To avoid the assimilation of the human race, the crew of the Krakatoa gather  as many as possible, taking them to the new colony on Trappist E, 42 light years away.

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Season 4

Thanks to Tammy's marriage to the leader of the Vulcan High Command, Earth now has an ally.  Realizing their attack on Earth has facilitated the early formation of the Federation, Jessica ceases the assimilation of the rest of the U.S., turning the Borgs' attention to destroying the new alliance.



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