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Stardate 08401.08

It has been brought to my attention, a publicly viewed daily update would be beneficial to relations with crew and civilians, concerning our progress in the conflict with the Borg.

Times are unnerving. We have arrived on Mars to establish a station where we can construct our ships. The Borg are in control of roughly 30 per cent of Earth's surface. All of Russia, Asia, and half of Australia. They are constructing spheres and mining for materials. Their progress is slow for now but will increase exponentially. I have Shelley Dublain collecting visual intel on their progress since she seems to be the only one who knows how to fly our only ship, the Delta Flyer. Since her husband was declared missing, she has been forced to take her children, Tammy and Teddy, along with her on her missions.

Today, we begin construction of the living facilities and positioning of the holoemitters for the photonic workforce. Further updates to follow.

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